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Grimsvötn 2011

Volcanic Eruption in Grimsvotn, Iceland May 21 2011 from Jon Gustafsson on Vimeo.

Animation (click on image) of the initial eruption column from Grimsvötn on May 21

Some beautiful shots of mammatus cloud formations in the Grimsvötn ash cloud (from:

Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) image of the SO2 cloud from Grimsvötn over the North Atlantic on May 23, 2011

OMI Aerosol Index (AI) image corresponding to the above SO2 map. Positive AI values indicate absorbing aerosols such as volcanic ash. In this case, most of the detectable ash from Grimsvötn is south of Iceland and separated from the extensive SO2 cloud.

OMI image of the stratospheric SO2 cloud from Grimsvötn over the northern hemisphere on May 24, 2011