Research Interests

My research (and hence interests) include:

    • User-centric Model Driven Engineering (MDE), specially By-Example approaches
    • Embedded Systems, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    • Data mapping, integration and wrangling
    • Recommender systems specially for data mapping and integration

Grants & funding

    • 2018 - Chief Investigator, together with Kathryn Backholer, Adrian Cameron, Jason Wu, Anna Peeters,Oliver Huse, Rebecca Bennett, Heart Foundation, Vanguard Grant (74,252AUD), for "Development of a national food and beverage price monitoring system (Price Tracker) "
    • 2017 - Mix of industry and school funding (13,536AUD), for "Winter School of Software Engineering".
    • 2014 - 2016 - Chief Investigator - Early Interrupted Career Research Scheme (12,319 AUD), for "An approach and framework for developing large-scale interactive visualisation"
    • 2013 - 2014 - Associate Investigator - National ICT Australia (54,150 AUD), for "Household Travel Survey Data Integration and Harmonisation"


For a list of my publications, please see this page.


Research Students

    • Jian Liu (PhD - Associate) - Model driven engineering for enterprise system emulation, Swinburne University of Technology
    • Shirish Sharma (PhD - Associate) - Smart Cities: Historic urban landscape, Federation University Australia and Data61
    • Mahdi Babaei (PhD - Associate) - Virtual reality for chest drain operation training, Deakin University
    • Humphrey Obie (PhD - Associate) - Data-driven visualizations that make sense, Swinburne University of Technology

Master thesis

    • Nisha Subhanje - Data integration documentation
    • Michael Hao - Distributed Extract Transform and Loading
    • Gurjeet Bhatia - Intelligent data integration assistant

Capstone/Final year Projects


    • Intelligent Driver Asisstant and Pro-active Navigation System - With North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA.


    • ControTech - Project Management Portal - With Monash University
    • ControTech - Project Management Portal - With North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA.
    • Vistech Consulting - BCP management - Deakin University
    • Global Obesity Portal - Deakin University


    • Itinerary Visualization on Australia’s National map - With North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA.
    • Interactive data integration - Deakin University.


    • Food and Beverage monitoring system – Deakin University
    • PAVVET - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, USA


    • Data analysis and Visualisation using Australia's National Map - With North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA.


    • Atlas Automation Wind Software
    • Light of Hope website
    • Online Thai Language Course
    • Travel Blog



    • Upshay Dumur – IBL – ControTech Project Management Portal (industry project)

2015 - 2016

    • Dylan Lewis - Interactive visualisation development framework (a Swinburne project)
    • Fabian Azagra - Immersive 3D medical visualization and interaction (a Data61 project)


    • Ramuna Sadauskas - Data harmonisation - Document available here (a NICTA project)

Service to scientific community

I review for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE) and Journal of Visual Languages and computing (JVLC).