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Download v. 0.3 (25 March 2009)

iLaunch is a finger-friendly applications launcher for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones. It's easily skinnable, intuitive, and could be used instead of the standard Windows Mobile Start Menu.

It is based on iContact (supbro version) source code, available here:

iContact is used as a "scrollable framework" for applications that will have the same look and feel.
iLaunch settings can be found in the iLaunch installation directory. A soft reboot may be required after installing iLaunch before the iLaunch settings icon will appear in the menu.

iLaunch is built around this idea:

So iLaunch gives you 5 tabs that can be linked to 5 folders under "Windows\Start Menu"
By default the folders (but you can rename or change them) are:

- Office Mobile
- Multimedia
- Programs
- Connections
- System Tools

Each tab shows a scrollable list of links that you can use to start applications.

You can also use StartButton to replace the default Start Menu with iLaunch:

iLaunch tabs can be customized with the language file located in "program files\iLaunch". By default you find here "english.lng", which can be used a base for transaltions.

There is a "+" button in the top right side, near the title of the tab:
as for now it does nothing, but the code to make it work will be ready for the next beta!

There is a Quick Start tutorial here:
iLaunch FAQs

The source code is available through Svn at GoogleCode:
Subpages (2): Skins Version history