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Version history

Version 0.49 April 14, 2010 
  • Added weekday to group headers
  • New default skin by Livven
  • Option in Settings to choose start screen
  • Added enable checkbox to Settings for those who have issues with the checkboxes crashing
  • Tried another bugfix for the checkbox (please let me know if it works)

Version 0.48 April 8, 2010 
  • Bugfix (I hope) for allday appointments showing on two days
  • Reintroduced sorting of tasks
  • Reintroduced timefilter for appointments (be aware though that if you have a lot of recurring appointments, setting the filter to 1 year, could take quite a time to load - Please give me feedback.
  • Tasks with a start date before today will show in Agenda view

Version 0.47-0.475  April 6, 2010
  • Fixed problem for some Winmo 6.5 phones, I hope?? Please let me know how it works
  • Recurring appointments will show for the next 31 days (yearly recurring will show next 365 days)
  • Multiday appointments will show on all days in the appointment screen
  • Categories are shown on the edit screen

Version 0.462-0.465 April 1-3, 2010
  • Bug fixes (going back from edit screen to appointments, should now be ok)
  • Even with large number of repeating appointments, the list should refresh relatively fast.
  • However, recurring appointments are not showing on all days. This will be fixed after the weekend.
  • Hopefully fixed memory leak
  • Multi day appointments will show on the first and last day

March 31, 2010: 0.46
  • Tried to speed it up. Would like to hear if that's working.
  • Tasks completed today will show with a check.
  • Program is no longer using caches for data, which means that every time it's opened, current data is used.
  • Recurring appointments: Will show yearly recurring appointments for the following year with the number of recurrences (mainly to see age for birthdays), and other recurring appointment for the next month.
  • The button for iContact, enters the settings menu. When exiting Settings, iAgenda will restart. I'm working on changing this, so that a restart is only necessary if anything changes.

Jan 23, 2010: 0.45
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Improved filtering and sorting
  • Can mark a task complete on the main lists
  • Bottom bar for calendar shows current date

16 May 2009 v. 0.4
  • First public beta