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For Windows Mobile

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Download version 0.49 April 14, 2010 
Download v. 0.4 (16 May 2009)

iAgenda is a finger-friendly appointments and tasks viewer for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones. It's easily skinnable, intuitive, and could be used instead of the standard Windows Mobile Pocket Outlook Calendar.


It is based on iContact (supbro version) source code, available here:

iContact is used as a "scrollable framework" for applications that have the same look and feel.

iAgenda settings can be found in the iAgenda installation directory. A soft reboot may be required after installing iAgenda before the iAgenda settings icon will appear in the menu.

iAgenda has the usual 5 buttons interface: the first 3 tabs lists:
1 - all appointments
2 - all tasks
3 - agenda view (today's appointments and tasks)
4 -  starts the Settings program
5 - quick search calendar poup

iAgenda can be localized with the language file located in "program files\iAgenda". By default you find here "english.lng", which can be used a base for translations.

The source code is available through Svn at GoogleCode: