Thanks to the funding of the Belgian Science Policy Office (Belspo),
a new research project on microfluidics and micromanipulation kicked off:

During 5 years, our research network of specialists in many interrelated fields -- such as
surface and material science, rheology, applied physics, microengineering and precision mechanics, microfluidics and elastocapillarity -- will study multiscale applications of surface tension.

The debut year 2013 was already very rich in terms of collaborations and trainings, and witnessed a first international event:
the European Coating Symposium organized by our colleagues of UMons.

2014 saw a steep increase in scientific output, and a second international event:
the Workshop on Surface Characterization of Biomaterials hosted again by our colleagues of UMons.

With the arrival of new doctoral students and postdocs at the beginning of 2014, we expect the MicroMAST project to increase even more its scientific activity.
The enthousiasm felt during the plenary meetings in Durbuy (September 2013) and Gand (September 2014) is indeed very promising towards this objective!

2015 PhD days has been hosted in UMons, KUL, ULB and ESPCI.The plenary meeting took place in Leuven (September) confirming the enthousiasm of the previous years and heightening the scientific activity of the project.

2016 Two important events have been organized by our network : in May the Micromast springschool http://school16.ulb.be/  organized by Prof. Colinet (ULB) and Prof Deconinck (UMons)  and in September  The First International Conference on Mutiscale Applications of Surface Tension www.micromast2016.be organized by the network has been held during 3 days and hosted more than 200 participants from all over the world. Both took place at ULB in Brussels.

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Please contact Laure Bodenghien (laure.bodenghien AT ulb.ac.be) for further information.