Z80 etc.

Yep, as a kid I was an 8-bit bedroom coder. Still a bit proud of that. Although they don't make games like this any more! Some things definitely improve ... However, programming a machine at the level of "the metal" was invaluable experience. 

Kings Keep

(1986) Kings KeepFirebird Software, Arcade Adventure game, ZX Spectrum 48k

Play online (requires Java browser). 

See entry on King's Keep in the Bird Sanctuary (click on "memories" for a brief description of its genesis).

Kai Temple

(1985) Kai Temple. Firebird Software, Arcade Beat-em-up, ZX Spectrum 48k.

Number 1 in the UK charts! (for a few weeks).

Play online (requires Java browser). 

See entry on Kai Temple in the Bird Sanctuary (click on "memories" for a brief description on its genesis).

This Is Football

(1999) I was a member of the team that developed Sony's BAFTA-nominated This Is Football for PlayStation 1.

The graphics programmers and artists did a fantastic job on this game. At the time the graphics really wowed. The game-play was great too. It sold very well.