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 This ,and the above page (in the future) are the places to go to see if there's anything new going on in the world of "iwmpop" (Mr le Marquis) -
Food,drink,ideas for cooking.
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(in 2009)

This Website is intended to serve as an opening to the other Websites, photos, articles belonging to Mr Ian W Mitchell otherwise known as: "mr le Marquis- Le Marquis du Galipot - iwmpop".It will be mainly in English, and will initially contain links to articles and "writings" from iwmpop.
As in all (or most Websites) you can find links to the articles in the sidebar, and they will be added to on a permanent basis!

If you have any ideas, or special wishes (apart from that I stop!) then use the following address to let me know:

(It happens that the text gets itself badly placed, mixed up with the picture.. Take it up with "Google" - I'm just the poor guy who tries his best...!

Mrs Kathleen Mitchell (née ODELL)
March 1947 - March 1992
Photo Meze, France circa 1989
Still sorely missed by me.

(In 2008 with "Granite de l'Oasis" at home in the South of France) 
Granite died in April 2010 in her 19th year of life, and is badly missed by me.

Why "Mr le Marquis".....?
This "honorary" title was given to iwmpop (Mr Ian Watson Mitchell) by some French people, impressed (!) by the style and way of life  of the same. Permanently giving invitations to large, long and sumptious meals, his likings in music and wine, cuisine and general friendly and welcoming attitude. (This was the explanation given to me anyway!)
The name became very useful to attract attention on the Internet, where "something different" is always required!
Why "iwmpop".......?
When Mr I W Mitchell first started on the Internet, he needed (as everybody else does) "aliases", and the first one "iwmpop" came as a result of using a "POP" programme for the transfer of e-mails from one account to another, automatically.
It so happened that a PC "blockage" left the letters POP in the identity box, and mr Mitchell had typed "iwm" onto it by mistake (he didn't look...!). This gave "iwmpop".
Strangely enough, the created word "iwmpop" was the subject of a short article on "Wikipaedia" - the on-line, edited by all encyclopaedia!
I don't know why!
Now you know everything - but you don't really "know nuttin!"
If I get the hang of this thing, I'll be putting a few "chosen" photos on here, within the articles!
Vauvert, France                March 2009.