Model Portfolio Information : a personal view...

About Me: First off i’m not a modelling agency. I’ve be doing photography for a number of years and opened a studio in Cleckheaton in early 2015 along with three others. I work full-time in the print industry and photography has now become my part-time occupation. I do commercial work for companies, product and web imagery and have started doing studio training for other photographers. Happy to shoot babies, kids, families, pets, horses and the occasional wedding this all generates the necessary income to fund my passion...

I prefer a more casual/relaxed style of shooting with new models as I find this achieves higher quality results. This helps build a portfolio for yourself to then approach other photographers and possible agencies in the future etc. I’m happy to collaborate with more experienced models as long as it benefits each others portfolios. Otherwise I do now charge a small fee and i’m also prepared to pay the model if it only benefits myself/training etc. 

Watch For: This brings us to the modelling side of things. So many people are lead to believe they are dealing with online model agencies where they have to pay registration fees and pay for shoots etc. Please do your research before approaching these companies. When looking for other photographers I always stress the importance of the photographers quality, style and type of work. We all have different ways of working and styles etc. If you go work with a low end photographer it will actually do more damage than good. 

Modelling: Of course it helps if your photogenic, but it also takes much more than that. It takes alot of work to be successful in anything and stories of been discovered by an agent etc are few and far between. As a photographer it is partly our job to get the pose from the model. But if you want to move on learning to pose unassisted is desirable. If i’m teaching lighting techniques in the studio I can’t also be doing the pose directing as well. Been reliable is one area a lot of models fall down on. If you let people down your not going to get on and basically makes it impossible for others to work with you no matter how good you are. Personality comes into a lot for me as well. 

The Shoot: I ask you to bring 3-4 outfits with a mixture of casual (jeans) and smart. The more effort you put into outfits, accessories, hair and make-up etc the better the results. I usually allow for 2 hours for my studio shoots using various different backdrops and lighting techniques plus use of outside areas. Location shoots can also be done and I’m happy to travel within reasonable distances etc. If you look through my portfolio of work it will give you some idea of what can be done. All my images are taken on real shoots, with real people. I don't stage my photoshoots using high end models in some fantastic location. If you have any particular requirement or look for the shoot it is better to let me know prior to the shoot day as sometimes i’ve had requests that have not been possible on the day. Prom dresses can be incorporated into the shoot as one of your chosen outfits. 

Provided we both get on and want to work together again etc i’m happy to work on more creative / complex theme shoots often with MUAs.

After The Shoot:  I aim to process your images within two weeks of our shoot. The exact number will vary from shoot to shoot but I usually manage 20-30 images. I prefer to send these on a disc for yourself to use. Your then free to use the disc to purchase prints and canvas etc from anywhere or i’m happy to sort on your behalf.

The Studio: There are two main studios, changing area with mirror for make-up etc, kitchen, toilet and reception area (images on my website). CLICK HERE There’s plenty of space for chaperones and for anyone under the age of 18 they must have the permission of a parent and they must be present at the shoot. Parking is on South Parade itself or there is a small car to the rear.










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