Changing Complexion of Theory in Visual Studies

"Theory" is once again experiencing tectonic shifts. Until recently, progressive work on the visual accepted the claims of structuralism and deconstruction regarding the primacy of epistemology over metaphysics, the constructedness of knowledge over its self-givenness, and a general antipathy toward naturalistic explanation. While no monolithic response has risen to dominance, a wide range of new approaches have emerged of late. 

In an effort to set these new approaches in dialog, we are seeking essays that address the following: 

  • the emergence of new ontologies
  • the impact of neuro-methodologies
  • the equivocal status of marxism and post-marxism
  • the rise of new anarchist theory
  • the erasure of the analytic/continental divide

We intend to submit a full proposal to Cambridge Scholars Publishing, which has expressed an interest in this collection. Please send abstracts (800-1200 words) and a brief bio to and