Rapier Scenarios

Here are various rapier fight scenarios. Apply resurrection as you see fit.

Capture the Flag

There is one or more flags. Your job is to get control of that flag and stop the other team from controlling that flag.

- When the majority of flags are controlled by one team they win.

- When all the flags are controlled by one team they win.

- Flags are checked at specific "secret" times. Whoever controls the most flags wins

- One team starts by controlling the flags the other team tries to get them back.

Town Battle

Various "buildings" are created using hay bales or whatever is available. This creates a variety of limited front engagements. Fencers fight in this "town," attempting to accomplish various goals:

- Kill them all - Fought to the last team standing

- Put items into various buildings

- Take items out of various buildings

- Control more buildings than the other side. Once all buildings are occupied game is over an the victor is determined.

- Control more buildings than the other side. After a set amount of time whoever owns more buildings in the victor.

Open Field Battle

It is an open field and you fight there.

- Kill them all - Fought to the last team standing

- Each team is trying to move the same item to an opposing goal.

Invade the Village

The team with the most value at the end of the scenario wins!

A somewhat complicated but very fun scenario. You have arrived with your buddies (ships, wagons or whatever,) and you and your buddies are laying waste to a town. So did a bunch of other ships, wagons or whatever. Villagers are present and not in armor. No fighting may take place within 10 feet of villagers. Villagers have coin of the realm and can be "ransomed," or "extorted" for their money. There is a village guard who will intervene if they see you performing illegal acts or just because you are carrying swords in their once peaceful village.

There are items of various values. You can store them in your wagons/ships/whatever and they are safe from everyone except the town guard. Anything found in the wagon/ship/whatever that isn't coin of the realm will be confiscated.

There is a Fence. The Fence's job is to buy back the items so they can get back to their rightful owners. The Fence provides coin of the realm for the item but not the entire value of the item. Hey, it is a Fence, what do you expect? Oh, and the Fence mostly operates in a spot that the town guard refuses to go because the area is haunted/full of black magic/etc.

If you die you have to stick around at the battle site. The victors can "loot," your bodies meaning if you have any coin of the realm on you or any items they can take as much of it as they wish. Yes, you have to tell them what you have and give it all to them after all dead people don't resist being pillaged very well.

There is a church. The priest will happily resurrect people for one single coin of the realm or any other bribe they can be talked into taking. Everyone goes to this rez point. If you don't have any coin on you, then someone else must pay for you OR you can try to bribe the priest.

Lots to do for everyone and much fun.




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