Rapier Melee Games

There are many different melee games to play. Each basic format has more than one variation that can be played. Below I have provided some basic descriptions and maybe a variation or two.

Fox and Hounds

This is a great game to play if you have three or more fencers and it really accentuates the need for fencers to work as a team and creates a situation that rewards them for doing so.

The "Hounds" are trying to defeat the "Fox." Two fencers are the hounds and one fencer is the fox.

- Variations - Both hounds go Single sword and the fox gets whatever they want.

- The hound that kills the fox, becomes the fox.

- The hounds win if the fox dies, the fox dies if he kills just one hound.

- A line of fighters waits for a fox or a hound to die. They replace the dead.

- The hound who kills the fox becomes the fox and fencers become hounds.

- Time limit - The fox wins if the fox is still alive after 10 seconds.


This game really helps folks learn to communicate and work together to achieve melee goals.

Take a deck of cards and designate two or more places to take cards (buckets and/or hay bails or anything else work) based on the color of the card. Black cards go to point A. Red Cards go to point B. Split up the teams. Shuffle the deck of cards well and the team moving the cards flips over the top card and has to move that card to the correct point. No hiding the cards. Essentially the cards are flags on poles but are much easier (and cheaper) to acquire.

- Variations - Both teams get a deck of cards and have to move them.

Zombie Games

Zombies can only be killed by head shots and you can cut of their limbs with non-piercing blows. If you get hit by a Zombie in any way, you become a Zombie in 10 seconds, even if you are killed. Nothing your friends do can stop you from becoming a Zombie. They can only kill permanently after you become a Zombie. Fortunately Zombies are stupid and slow. Zombies can only fight single sword and may not move faster than a regular walk. Winner is determined by there either being no humans or no zombies left.

- Variations - Smart Zombies. They can use any authorized rapier forms.

- Fast Zombies. They can move at any speed that you can.

- Resurrection - Anyone killed permanently resurrects back to human.

Enter the Goal

Move a large(ish) or heavy(ish) object through a defined "goal post" while carrying it. There is only one object and two sets of "goal posts." Each team wants to move it through the opponents "goal posts."

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