The Challenge letter given

Greetings unto you from The Honorable Lord Ian the Green,

The Scribes of the Middle Kingdom are as honorable as they are creative and skilled. One year ago a challenge was given when the scroll blanks in the reserves of our regional signets and the Dragon Signet run dangerously low. Always have the artists and illuminators of the Middle Kingdom answered the call of need and last year was no different!

Two hundred and seventy (270) scroll blanks were turned in to this personal challenge and then presented to Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom to be used by the scribes of their Kingdom.

The preparations and fighting of wars to keep our borders secure made it necessary to put away the pass times of peace but now in what respite we may have, our attention can, nay will, turn again to the pursuits best done in the absence of war.

The cry of, "Challenge," has been once again given in this personal challenge so that the Scribes of the Middle Kingdom may be once again donate to and make resplendent the crown of the Middle Kingdom.

Challenge! was the cry and so it shall be answered. Pray you, take out the dusty box of paints, pigments and paintbrushes and make beautiful scroll blanks worthy of their Dragon Majesties!

You can find more information on this noble, worthy and honorable challenge here:

This challenge is given and run as a private challenge with the end results to be donated to the Middle Kingdom for the use as scroll blanks by the calligrapher scribes of all reaches of the Middle Kingdom.

If your skills are not with paint, pigment and brush but is instead with fiber arts we have need of your skills as well. Court scrolls need good protection on what can be the perilous journey back to one's abode. Scroll cases provide this protection and does so well. These are simple things to make but the need for them is as great as the task is simple. Never made one before? Fear not a tutorial is available here:

Last year the challenge was met so well that this year we are not pushing the scroll case challenge. If you feel the desire to make scroll cases by all means DO SO.

Populace of the Dragon, Populace of the Midrealm, we have until St. Valentines Day Massacre on February 9, AS 47 (2013) to meet this challenge and I know we can do it! Entries can be turned in there. If you can not come fear not, send it with someone who is coming in your name and you will receive the proper credit for it.