Iron Ring Pictures

Fun pictures and some more story of me and Iron Ring of Northshield

There I am all proud the first time I won the Iron Ring of Northield. That would be February 4, 2009. I have held the Iron Ring of Northshield three times now.

It isn't often that you get to see two Iron Ring holders in the same room with each other. That lovely lady is Warder Sibyl Sevenoke at the time the current holder of the Iron Ring of the Middle Kingdom.

That is Don Michael St. Christian being very cool with me after having defeated me for the Iron Ring of Northshield. We were actually at a Midrealm event but since we both are Northshielders he had every right to challenge me for it! And so he did quite rightly.

And if it was cool for me to do then its cooler for them to do. And while I can not say the status of their relationship now, they were dating and together at the time of this photo so its just that much cooler. Two Iron Ring holders in the same place at the same time AND they are a couple! Yes, I'm a romantic.