Ian and the Iron Ring of the Midrealm

On May 17, AS 46 (2011) I challenged Rurich the Red the Rapier Champion for the Barony of Sternfeld for the Iron Ring of the Midrealm. Rurich was an honorable opponent who accepted my challenge with grace and courtesy. He fought the same way as is only right for a defender of the Iron Ring. Rurich did the defense justice.

The passes were four.

Rurich and I doubled the first pass when we both had the same brilliant idea

after having exchanged several conversation pieces with one another.

Rurich 1 Ian 1

Pass the second Rurich made good his hidden intentions and did solidly touch my

chest with little argument from myself.

Rurich 2 Ian 1

Pass the third Rurich and I discussed major themes and quibbled over details but

I made my point and scored a touch to his mask.

Rurich 2 Ian 2

Pass the fourth I quibbled over details drawing attention away from the main

point but thrust home toward it scoring upon Rurich's chest.

Rurich 2 Ian 3.

The Iron Ring chose a new defender on this day,

Ian the Green