Scroll Projects I have done

These are projects that I have done the Calligraphy on. Any illumination you see was done by somebody else. Below you will see scrolls that created a picture by changing the color of the ink for the letter at certain places to create and fill in an image. These scrolls are exclusively my work and have no illumination in them.

All rights are reserved by the respective artists. This means that you need the artist's permission before reproducing the artwork in whole or in part, including copying and pasting the pictures to another place even electronically. We worked hard to achieve the end product and we frankly deserve the credit for it. Thank you very much for respecting the artists' rights.

The below is hardly an exhaustive list or set of pictures of projects I have done. As I sift through my picture archive I hope to add more and more projects I have done and worked on.

Royal Augmentation of Arms
Purple Fret

Royal Augmentation of Arms Purple Fret

Cavendish Knot

Bronze Ring Cavendish Knot

Award of Arms Commission Piece

Award of Arms Award of Arms

Award of Arms Award of Arms

Award of Arms

Award of Arms Cavendish Knot

Royal Augmentation of Arms

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