The Making of the Scroll Blank Scroll Case Challenge


(2008 roughly speaking)

And to the best of my fading memory's ability,

I was in love and took a chance to move to the same town as the woman I loved. It worked out well, we're married now. But this meant I moved from the Middle Kingdom to the Kingdom of Northshield.

I happened to move to the Barony of Jaravellir (Yara VET lir). I looked up the when and the where and made sure it was happening and headed over to my first Scribal Guild night in the Barony. There Lady Anora of Dunsford and Lady Eile were discussing how the Kingdom seemed to have a shortage of scroll blanks and they wanted to create some scribal Saturdays just to work on making scroll blanks for the kingdom.

They picked a set Saturday every month and then said, "Hey what if it falls on an event?" "Oh, we'll just do it at the event then."

So they checked the Northshield calendar and noticed that events were in other groups and there was worry about what another group would think if we showed up working on this project. My response was, "We tell them, isn't this cool! We challenge you to do as much!" This happened a few times and this was my response to each.

Then it happened... the seed we had been so carefully planting and watering and making sure got what it needed - all without our knowing it - started to sprout.

"Why not challenge all the Baronies in the Kingdom?"

"Why not challenge every group in the Kingdom?"

"Okay how would we do that?"

"What are the rules going to be so that we get good quality blanks?"

"How do we make the rules so that everyone will want to participate?"

And so the discussion went on and on until the "Northshield Scroll Blank Challenge," was born. And Lady Eile mentioned that scroll blanks mean scrolls and scrolls mean scroll cases. So we added the scroll case challenge in as well.

I put up the Challenge on my personal google website. We contacted the Kingdom Signet of Northshield about it who loved it and put it in her missives on the Kingdom's newsletter "The Northwatch," and one of the ladies contacted the Baroness of Jaravellir Baroness Eithne (now stepped down,) who kindly gave us some fantastic words for the challenge and I penned up the challenge.

The word was spread to all corners of the kingdom and everywhere in between and came to a conclusion at the "Boars Head" event where scroll blanks and cases were turned in and we presented them in court that night.

From those humble beginnings in the living room of Lady Anora of Dunsford three scribes schemed to solve the problem of a shortfall in the Kingdom of Northshields scroll blanks and scroll cases did come to pass.

My wife and I moved back into the Middle Kingdom and when I learned of a similar shortfall here, I contacted the Midrealm Kingdom Signet and set up the same thing here in the Middle Kingdom.

The work I did was to promote the challenge and collect the work of others and present it to the crown of the Kingdom.

By no means was this just Ian the Green's challenge. It never was. Lady Anora of Dunsford and Lady Eile were just as much a part of the creation of the challenge as I was. And much thanks to the Northshield signet and Baroness Eithne as well for their help and support as well. The credit for the success of the challenge can only go to those who participated in it.

And that others have found inspiration for themselves and their Kingdoms is humbling and wonderful. Last I heard the scroll blank challenge in some form or another had been picked up in six kingdoms and the scroll case challenge in just as many, including introducing scroll cases to kingdoms that previously never used scroll cases. Each of that night were "mere" Lords and Ladies. A good idea can come from anywhere and no matter your "rank," a good idea can go all sorts of places you never imagined. If you see a problem, come up with a solution, kick it around with a few other people and make it the best it can be. Then present it and see what happens.

This being a true story of the origins of the Scroll Blank and Scroll Case challenge,

Yours in Service,

THL Ian the Green

Apprentice to Mistress Magdalena von der Plesse, OL

Foster-Apprentice to Master Llewellyn ap Tiernon

Student to Warder Adam MacAoidh

Captain in the Thieves of Hearts

and most importantly Husband to Lady Hroswitha von Lippe.