Ian's SCA Scribal Page

I really enjoy doing calligraphy and hope you find this page encouraging, interesting and useful to you.

Scribal arts in the SCA are often broken down into Calligraphy and Illumination.

Calligraphy is the writing...

Painting is the decoration. If it has no gold it is not illumination. The picture below is only decorated.

Illumination is the Gold. And illuminated manuscript must have gold in it or it is merely decorated. The image below shows a large letter "D" on an illuminated background. Also in the lower right of the image we see a figure in blue on an illuminated background.

I started doing Calligraphy in May of 2005. In fact it was the first SCA activity I did in what is now the Barony of Ayreton. I often tell this story to newcomers as encouragement to check out things they don't think they'll like.

I had moved to Chicago in April of 2005 and within a month I decided to look up the local SCA group. Turns out there were several groups. Well, I wanted to go meet folks and get the lay of the land so to speak. The next activity on the calendar was Calligraphy and Illumination. I knew what Calligraphy was and figured that Illumination was candle making or something. [Boy was I wrong!] So off I went.

I arrived with every intention of NOT participating but instead chatting. Calligraphy in my mind is very detailed oriented and frankly that isn't something I want in a hobby. Well after successfully not doing anything for the first half hour and such they finally roped me into doing some calligraphy. It would have been ill-graced of me to refuse a direct invitation such as it was. And... ... I liked it! Well from that I went on to placing second in a calligraphy competition a month later and second in Kingdom A&S within a year. My teacher eventually took me on as an apprentice and I teach calligraphy now as well.

All because I was willing to try something I thought I wouldn't like.

If you would like to view some of the work that I have done please feel free to view My Flickr Page.

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