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I hope you enjoy the pictures and that this page helps you understand more about Ferrous Oak Gall Ink.

Oak Gall Ink Ingredients - Black ink

To get Oak Galls "in the wild," you will need to find some Oak Trees

Oak Trees - This is a White Oak

Oak Leaves - The best way to tell most plants is by their leaves. This is a white oak leaf. (Any Oak Tree will work).

Oak Galls - They come in so many shapes and sizes but this is the most common one that I have seen. An Oak Gall is created by the oak tree when an insect lays an egg in the bark of the tree. The tree then forms an oak gall around the egg to protect itself from the insect.

Ferrous Sulphate = Copperas = Green Vitriol

Add in the Gum Arabic. It comes in a solid form...

And a liquid form.

Gum Arabic comes from the Acacia Tree and so is sometimes called Gum Acacia

Dragons Blood Ink - Red Ink

Dragons Blood Tree

The resin from dragons blood trees is, well red, just like you might imagine dragons blood might be.


Usually mixed with a red colored alcohol in period such as brandy or red wine. One of the stories that was told in period when selling the dragons blood resin was this:

This is dried dragons blood. Dragons and elephants hate each other and when they fight you can imagine that there is an immense amount of noise. We go and watch from a safe distance as the elephant gores the dragon and the dragon bites on the elephant. When the fight is over our servants go out and collect the dragons blood for it cools and quickly hardens outside the hot body of the dragon.