Women in the SCA

There are a lot of roles that women have in the world. When we think about women in the SCA it is natural that we would think of what women did in the time period the SCA covers. Fortunately anyone can do anything in the SCA regardless of what sex they are.

This page is dedicated to exploring what women in the SCA actually do and to helping dispel myths that women can and should only do certain things in the SCA. Also, this page will hopefully act to support women in the SCA doing exactly the activities they want to do regardless of gender stereotypes.

Each person makes up their own mind what they want to do in the SCA, nobody else can or should decide for them. Women do fight heavy. Women do win Crown Tournament. Women do fight rapier. Women do ride horses. Women do armorsmithing. Women do blacksmithing. I know women who do any of these activities and more in the SCA.

Arts and Sciences

Arts Martial

The Girls Club - A forum for female fighters in the SCA

Female Armored Combat Fighters SCA - a picture gallery of female heavy fighters

The Armored Rose - Book for sale about and for women fighters in the SCA

House Lionesse - Female fighting household with links to others

Service and Miscellaneous

Women in the SCA from Gulf Wars