Why? It is tasty!

Okay so what is Sekanjabin? I will let Jehanne de Huguenin explain as he does a far better job than I can.

"Sekanjabin is a medieval Arabic version of oxymel, which is a general term for medicinal drinks combining vinegar with sugar syrup or honey. It is probably first mentioned by the ancient Greek medical writer Hippocrates, who prescribes it extensively and comments that, among other things, “it promotes expectoration and freedom of breathing.” (Hippocrates, On Regimen in Acute Diseases, tr. Francis Adams). The Anglo-Saxons also knew it: an old Anglo-Saxon leechbook mentions oxymel as “a southern acid drink” (Cockayne vol II p. 153), and suggests betony in oxymel as a relief “if a man is tired by a long journey” (p.152). Later the writer gives the recipe for oxymel, together with the injunction to drink it for “the half dead disease” (p. 285), or for epilepsy. Platina, a 15th-century Italian writer, mentions honey/vinegar oxymel several times, suggesting it as a remedy for the harmful effects of melons (Milham p. 127). Andalusian Sekanjabin likewise has a medicinal slant, since it is described as being “beneficial for fevers of jaundice, and calms jaundice and cuts the thirst” (see recipe below). Like most Arabic syrups, it was intended to be drunk with hot water as a medicinal draught, although they were probably also drunk cold for refreshment.

The concept of using a basic oxymel infused with herbal flavour of some sort is fairly universal; the Anglo-Saxon leechbook suggests infusing it with radish as well as betony, and Hippocrates speaks of infusing oxymel with asafoetida and carrot, or opoponax and southernwood (whatever those are)."

Or, as I like to say, it is medieval sports drink.



Apple Sekanjabin

4 cups sugar 2 cups of water, boil

Add two chopped apples and a goodly handful of thyme (fresh herbs)

Add one cup apple cider vinegar

Lemon Mint Sekanjabin

4 cups sugar 2 cups of water, boil

Add 2 cups mint (fresh herbs) and 2 lemons zested and juiced

Add one cup white balsamic vinegar

Ginger Mint Sekanjabin

4 cups sugar 2 cups of water, boil

Add grated ginger during the boiling

Add Vinegar

Add Mint