People and Groups I am Associated With

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So now you know where and who to praise or complain to about me. :-)

I am greatly honored to have been apprenticed to Mistress Magdalena von der Plesse for Calligraphy. As far as I know she is no longer active in the SCA.

I am also greatly honored to be apprenticed to Master Llewellyn ap Tiernon OL, OP, of the MIddle Kingdom. I was released from my Ansteorran Laurel as his health was declining.

I am the fencing dependent (student) of Master Adam Macaiodh 7th MoD in the Middle Kingdom.

I am a member of the Barony of Namron

I am a Captain in the Thieves of Hearts Full Tabbard (fencing) and a Companion (service) Thief. (The first person to be in both these branches).