For SCA Newcomers

Newcomer Advice on the SCA

Advice from your friendly at large Chatelain/Hospitaler.

Hello and welcome!

The SCA is a lot of things but what it is mostly is a group of people who love learning about the pre-1600 world by trying to do various activities the way they were done in that time period and place. Now, we're not perfect and neither are any of our members but this is a hobby and it is very fun.

There is a lot of information out there about the SCA and for the SCA. To your right you will see a variety of links. Use these links to explore more about the SCA.

The SCA can seem to be a little intimidating at first, just like getting used to any new group of people would be. Every group of people has their own way of doing things and talking with one another, not to mention the normal fear of having to introduce yourself to the people there.

You aren't alone, we had to go through that too and most of us are pretty fun folks who are happy to see more people join in with our fun.

My strong suggestions to you the newcomer is to find out what local SCA group you are a part of. Then contact that groups newcomer's helper. This person often has one of two titles. 1 - Chatelain(e) 2 - Hospitaller. If they don't have one of those you can contact the group president and we call that position the Seneschal.

Most groups these days have a website for their group as well as some kind of electronic discussion group. Find these and you can find the contact information for the various officers of the group. You might also be able to find out what kind of activities they regularly schedule. That said, call first. Not all groups are good about keeping things up to date on their websites and depend very much on word of mouth inside the group.

To your right you will see EXTERNAL LINKS ABOUT THE SCA. Underneath that you will see SCA Kingdoms. That should help you get started finding the group you belong to. Find the Kingdom for where you live and then try to find the sub groups that make up that kingdom that cover where you live. There should be a link to their website from there.

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