A story of Honor

A true story given to me by Master Charles Oakley regarding one of his experiences at Pennsic repeated with his permission:

The East was defeated. Really at this point is was just a matter of mopping up their (roughly) 30 with our (roughly) 300. A hold had been called and the dead were requested to leave the field.

King Alaric I of the Middle, during the hold made a very loud command to his troops. "If they call for single combat, give it to them." An honorable command. And loud enough to be heard clearly by the East.

At, "Lay on," not one person wearing East colored tape asked for single combat. Master Oakley was in the front of the lines and charged. He swung, hit a shield and turned to strike an open target when he was struck in the back of the helm. The blow was in a valid place, struck with a valid amount of force and on his honor Master Oakley accepted the blow as good. Master Oakley fell down and covered up.

A moment later Master Oakley was being straddled by someone's feet, not unheard of during a battle when you're dead. And someone tapped Master Oakley on his helm. He peeked out and lo and behold the person straddling him and tapping him on the helm was a knight wearing the blue tape of the East Kingdom and Allies.

"My Lord that blow was from behind and I should not have thrown it. We do not take such blows. Please rise." The knight had said this loud enough to be heard over the din of the ongoing battle. The knight kept Master Oakley safe as Master Oakley worked his way to a standing position in the middle of the battle. Once Master Oakley was up, the knight melted back into the lines of the East Kingdom and allies, where undoubtedly he was eventually slain with the rest of the East Kingdom and allies by the Middle Kingdom and allies. And Master Oakley, due to the honor of the unknown and unnamed Knight.


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