The SCA is a great hobby to have. I have been asked, "Why do a website?" I do this for fun and to share what I'm doing for people to see. Certainly there are people better and more knowledgeable than I. I merely hope you enjoy and learn while you are here and hopefully are inspired a little bit as well. Enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions you may have here.


Inside the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) I go by the name Ian the Green (formerly know as Ian Percy when I lived in Eskalya). I started in the SCA when I was fourteen years old. I moved, was in a new area and eventually dropped out of the SCA for about a decade and a half always remembering it but never really pushed myself to get back into it. I moved to the Chicago, IL area and decided that the time was right to reacquaint myself with the SCA and join back in. That was in May of 2005. I am very happy to be back in.

The persona of Ian the Green:

Ian's the third son of a well to do Noble Scottish family. He has an affinity for the color Green so much so that he came to be called Ian the Green. As a calligraphy scribe I decided that having a church education for my persona was the best and most likely way for him to learn to read and write in the 13th century. However, my persona is not a member of the church.

Not being the heir and neither the spare,

"To the church!" my Da' said and I was sent there.

It was the learning to write that in my head stuck,

The clergy part however was struck!


Like most people in the SCA I'd like to do a lot of different things. I have four areas at the moment that I focus most on; Calligraphy, Rapier Fencing, Service (volunteering) and Ink Making. I have other interests as well but time does not allow me the indulgence of doing everything I wish to. My other interests include but are not limited to Dance, Woodworking, Leather working, Book Binding, Gender Roles (real not perceived), and many others.


I live in Ansteorra, in the Northern Region in the Barony of Namron

My persona, Ian the Green, is from somewhere in what is now modern day Scotland. I started learning to be a scribe in Kelso Abby and from there moved up to the newly built and still building Fawkirk Cathedral.


The SCA covers the time period pre-seventeenth century. That is 1600 and before to the dawn of time. Anything after 1600 is out of period for us, though like the speed limit, there is some fudging for certain things. But 1600 and before is our cut off.

The SCA got started over 50 years ago in California. We actually keep track of how long the SCA has been around by using Anno Societatis or A.S. Anno Societatis simply means, Year of the Society. Our year starts on May 1. Why? Our first event was May 1, 1966 or so the story goes.

Ian the Green, the persona, is from around 1250 most of the time. Sometimes certain activities or interests simply are not within reach by time for my persona. I still do them, after all this is about learning by doing.

For example. I do calligraphy. I like to emulate the writing of Europe pre-1600. I can do calligraphy from 300 A.D to 1600 A.D. While it is possible for my persona to have done the pre 1250 A.D calligraphy, anything post 1300 A.D would be completely impossible for my persona to do. I still do them as there are lots of people in the SCA post 1300 A.D. that like calligraphy to be done for them.


The SCA is a lot of fun! It is a way to learn about history by not just reading about it but by doing what they did. The SCA also becomes a good safe way to socialize with people who share your varied interest. And lastly you get to express yourself in a variety of very fun hobbies all under one umbrella.