Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy your visit. In case you don't know me I have worked mainly in Christian ministry, as a baptist minister in Kirkwall in Orkney, as a bible college lecturer at Birmingham Bible Institute and London Bible College (now LST), and as pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church in Coventry. My Greek text book is available on Amazon. After a spell doing administrative work I am now retired. I am also available to take church services. See my diary page. Expository Bible teaching is my main focus. There are some materials here to help people wanting to access the New Testament in its original language, Greek. See the GNTWFT section of this site and a free self-study course, Reading the Greek New Testament. There is a page with some material to help people with a ministry of preaching.

You will also find some photos and sketches.

You can contact me on immacnair@gmail.com. All photos and sketches © Ian Macnair

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A self-study course, containing 10 units, each divided into five lessons.

• No formal qualifications needed

• Up-to-date language learning techniques

• Focus on the New Testament itself

• Study in your own time at your own pace

• Monitor your own progress

• No exams