Life at work ...

The Basics

In January 2013 I joined the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff. I'm working in several projects that have a focus on the principles of designing massively scalable software architectures for big data applications. An overview of some of our work is here.

Before joining the SEI, I was a Laboratory Fellow in Computational Sciences and Math at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I managed the Data Intensive Scientific Computing group (approx 25 software engineers), and was the Chief Architect for PNNL’s Data Intensive Computing Initiative. I was also PI for multiple projects in environmental modeling, carbon capture and sequestration, and bioinformatics. This experience has led to a particular interest in the design of large scale, highly customizable cyber-infrastructures for scientific research. A pre-print of an IEEE Computer paper on this topic can be found here.

I'm also Senior Member of the IEEE Computer Society and a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. Until July 2006, I led the software architecture R&D at National ICT Australia (NICTA) in Sydney, Australia. My passion is analyzing and designing complex, high performance distributed systems, and embodying design and architecture principles in methods and tools that can be exploited by architects in other projects.

You can see all my publications and citations on Google Scholar and in dlbp.

Latest News

New paper in IEEE Computer, August 2014

Book: Data Intensive Computing

Released in 2012 and edited with Deb Gracio, this book describes the emerging characteristics of data intensive applications and illustrates these through examples of system and software architectures, applications, and algorithms. 

The book is published by Cambridge University Press.

Book: Essential Software Architecture 2nd Edition (2011)

The 2nd Edition of my book was published by Springer-Verlag in 2011.

The materials have been updated throughout, and there's some new materials on our MeDICi Integration Framework technology that is available for download.

I've also developed some teaching materials to support the book – please email me if you’re interested in receiving the PowerPoint version. 

Latest Papers

IEEE Software:
Ian Gorton, "Cyber Dumpster Diving: Creating New Software Systems for Less," IEEE Software, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 9-13, Jan.-Feb., 2013

IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering:
Ian Gorton, Chandrika Sivaramakrishnan, Gary Black, Signe White, Sumit Purohit, Carina Lansing, Michael Madison, Karen Schuchardt, Yan Liu, "Velo: A Knowledge-Management Framework for Modeling and Simulation," Computing in Science and Engineering, pp. 12-23, March-April, 2012

Special IEEE Software Issue on Component-Based Software Engineering:
Ian Gorton, Adam Wynne, Yan Liu, and Jian Yin. 2011. Components in the Pipeline. IEEE Softw. 28, 3 (May 2011), 34-40. DOI=10.1109/MS.2011.23

Workshop paper on Velo, our knowledge managment framework for modeling and simulation:
Ian Gorton, Chandrika Sivaramakrishnan, Gary Black, Signe White, Sumit Purohit, Michael Madison, and Karen Schuchardt. 2011. Velo: riding the knowledge management wave for simulation and modeling. In Proceeding of the 4th international workshop on Software engineering for computational science and engineering (SECSE '11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 32-40.

CloudCom 2010 paper describing our work on using clouds for systems biology:

Gorton, I.  Yan Liu  Jian Yin, Exploring Architecture Options for a Federated, Cloud-Based System Biology Knowledgebase, Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), 2010 IEEE Second International Conference on, Nov. 30 2010-Dec. 3 2010, pages 218 - 225

A full list of papers organized by journals and conferences is here.