I am an I.T. person and a RPGer - currently dealing with Mongoose Publishing's Traveller.

My Information Technology page has some articles that I have written over the years. It also has a snapshot of my current skills.

I have some pages about Free Software with some dedicated pages - one for Linux and one for Windows.. I use Linux so I'm pretty much OK for free software. Also on the main Free Software page I mention special disc images to be used when something has gone terribly wrong - they're called "live CDs" which means you boot your computer with them.

My Role-playing games page has some notes I have written over the years.

My Sinclair QL page is there with some odds and ends left over from my QL days.

My Health page has some of my writings including "HOWTO - The Brain" and "Mental Health Presentation".

Also, I have schizophrenia. Due to the general lack of information, I started this blog. I am getting back up to speed with programming skills whilst keeping my schizophrenia under control. During that time I have done paid work and voluntary work. I have found that voluntary organisations and projects are more accommodating to my circumstances so that is what I'm doing at the moment. I need to improve my knowledge of C++ plus its Standard library, the Boost libraries, the Qt Application Framework and Design Patterns. I am also improving my bash, C99. JavaScript and PHP skills I have improved my systems administration skills to support my programming activities. I still need to improve my bash and networking skills but all in good time.

Many C++ books recommend that the reader learn other languages. So I volunteered to review a MySQL and PHP book for the ACCU. Then I discovered I needed to read another book first. That book was "Learning PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS & HTML5". Little did I realise that entailed learning 3 programming languages and 2 markup languages. I have had three articles published on this topic - a book review (waiting to be printed), a "from the coalface" article and a "LAMP on Ubuntu" article. I am also an Ubuntu Q.A. volunteer and - one unexpected thing is I now have to get to grips with GNU GRUB - I've read its manual and will be experimenting with it one day.

A word about file formats on this site.

My first computer articles were written using Psion Quill on the Sinclair QL. Initially my scribbles on PCs were stored in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. After that I started using free office suites - initially OpenOffice and later LibreOffice, still saving stuff in Microsoft Word format. Then I started saving stuff in ".odt" format - both OpenOffice and LibreOffice can handle that format (and Microsoft Word format) - for free!! However, I have had a change of mind. Lots of devices these days support PDF straight away. Which is why I am now uploading stuff as PDF files