How To Take Screenshots

Xenina's Secret Guide To Amazing Screenshots

Step 1: Create a large image of you in the dressing room.

1) Open a paint program and minimize it. Open the dressing room and put on the outfit and pose that you want to capture.

2) Expand the IMVU chat window as large as you can height wise. (Width does not matter as much).

3) Find the pose or action you wis to capture. (If it's an animation do it several times to learn the timing of the moment you want.) Line up the shot using the mouse. To take a full size avi pic zoom out and make sure that you can see the avi's feet and top of their head. (Hold the left mouse button to spin around the avatar and zoom in and out. Hold the right mouse button to pan up down left and right. If you can't get close enough for product detail shots you can usually trick the camera closer by a combination of rotating slightly off the subject then panning to it and rotating back.) Now for the tricky part.

4) Type *saveOutfit as if you were going to take an Outfit pic. Now make sure that your avi is within the screen, but you don't have to make your avi fit the little border of the outfit's frame. Your window should look like this.  

She doesn't fit within the frame, but that's okay. That's not what we care about.

5) Get ready to take the shot. Look on your keyboard for a key that says,

Sometimes it's in the top center of your larger keyboards. Now hold your fingers over the PrintScreen button and the Ctrl button.

You will be using the computer's imbedded screen capture function. If you also use the 'Alt' key, the computer will take a photo of only the window you are in. (like at left). It's not necessary though. Ctrl + PrintScreen is all you need.

6) Okay, so you are ready to take a picture as said above. Now click on the black box with a white dot in the middle in your dressing room window. It will change your background to all black and your avi is going to be in the dark. That's perfect.

7) Now click on the outfit taking image. After a moment, the screen will blink. It's when the screen blinks with a white background that I take my photos. If it blinks too fast for you, then just take a pic when the screen blinks with a black background. Either way, you will get a full sized photo in the dressing room. When you click on the Ctrl and PrintSceen buttons your computer automatically takes a picture of your screen for you.


8) Your firefox is going to try to open the photo you took, so just move over to it and close it real quick. You don't want a picture of nothing.

9) Go to your paint program or photohop program. If you are in Paint, just use Ctrl and the V key to paste your image. If you are in Photoshop, hold Ctrl and N first. It will create a new document for you. Hit enter as the size will default to the correct size of what you have just grabbed. Hit 'OK' then paste with Ctrl and V. Your pic should appear in the window. Edit the size to exclude the blue frame of your messenger window and you have a perfect snapshot. Save the image to your computer for future editing or upload it to your "My Pictures" to use later.

Step 1: Link your photo

Okay, so you have the photo now. Now you can send it in an e-mail ( or create a nice banner. Whatever. But what if you need it online with a link? 

Upload it to your gallery in IMVU (firefox isn't working for this right now) and then find the image in your gallery. Sometimes you have to click on "Click to view full size image". Now the picture will show up. Right-click on the photo, select "Copy Image Location". Now you can paste (ctrl-V) that link anywhere you want to). 

(I suggest photobucket, as the second code under the pic you have just uploaded is your picture's location, but lots of places host photos too.)