The Malibu Mosaic Villa

This group room is owned by Xenina 

 First of all, the RULES. These are general rules that may apply to ANY group room:

* Change into the proper clothes before going off to a party
* Leave your pets at home please
* Do not use music items or play music in a room
* Don't do anything that would suck up bandwith.
* ALWAYS obey the room's owner
* No obscene behavior 

These rules are just a basic idea, for the fast-loading enjoyment of everyone. Do your part to keep everyone  running at full speed so that you can all have a GREAT time.

For a faster loading chat you can:*

Look in settings in your msg bar, choose 3D Direct. It is the lowest bandwidth.

* Look in settings in your msg bar, disable sound

* Look in settings in your msg bar, choose Target Frame Rate, choose 5.0

* Go to your desktop and right-click, choose properties, now "Settings". Choose color quality of 16 bit.

(Please do these tweaks before you leave for a group room. Settings only take affect in the NEXT chat window that you enter, so choose these settings before you launch the chat.)