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(background images and how to use them on IMVU)

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Thanks for visiting my Home Page Helper webpage. Please contact me if you need avi pics or if you have any questions about page design:

Xenina Designs

Here are the instructions for inputting background or table images:

Click on 'My Homepage' in the main IMVU page banner. You should see an "Edit" button similar to the one below. There will be an "edit" button on every table and one on the top right of the page under "view cart". That is for the whole page's background. Choose a color OR an image. Here's how.

Click on "Edit". Then "Page Background".

This box
will appear ------>

What's next?

Use the image links below for your page background OR have me make you one.

What if I want a transparent table?

Use the black or white images here. They are see-through, but look great and make for a clean page:

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/GreyStripe.png http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/GreyStripe.png (it doesn't show very well on this background, but it is a very dark gray transparent stripe design)
The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/BlackShading.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/BlackShading.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Black shading: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/BlackShading.png (transparent)
The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/WhiteShade.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/WhiteShade.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/WhiteShade.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. White shading: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/WhiteShade.png
Just click on "set to transparent" in the table's color setting. Then paste the image code into your "image url" section.



The image “http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/SabrinaJane1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/SabrinaJane1.jpg

http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/SabrinaJane2.jpg http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/SabrinaJane2.jpg


http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/EyeBG.jpg http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/EyeBG.jpg

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/Butterflies2.gif Sweet Butterflies: http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/Butterflies2.gif (Set it to "tile")


Super bright butterflies: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/bfs.gif (Set it to "tile")

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/FairyBG.jpg FAIRY background: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/FairyBG.jpg (don't "tile")

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/StainedGlass2.png Indigo cross design: http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/StainedGlass2.png (set to "tile")

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/StainedGlass3.jpg Teal, beige (pretty): http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/StainedGlass3.jpg (set to "tile")

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/JessicaAlba.jpg Jessica Alba: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/JessicaAlba.jpg

http://iamxenina.googlepages.com/bubblesBackGround.gif Animated bubbles: http://fabcreationsmag.googlepages.com/bubblesBackGround.gif
(best for a table or two, but probably not the whole page)

Don't use the "Tile" button for large images. They will automatically center.
These images will mostly likely be hosted where they are forever,
but you can save me trouble (with space) by saving them
and using them in your own photobucket account.