Forum Mail

What is "Forum Mail" and how can I check it and read it? 

The IMVU forum has a mailbox built into it. It can hold, send and receive a lot of messages. Also the messages aren't limited to length, so you can send a few paragraphs in a letter to anyone on IMVU.


 1) How do I get there?
                a.Get to the IMVU forums by hoving your mouse over Community - click on forums.
                b. Click on the Forums link that appears at the bottom of your home page, or any group page.

2) How do I check my mail?

           Once you have entered the forum section, you would have been notified in a pop up (unless  

           you have changed it in your acct page) if you had a message. Otherwise, go to the bottom of

           any forum page and click the No unread messagesNo unread messages 

Once in your inbox you will see:

InboxInbox  SentboxSentbox  OutboxOutbox  SaveboxSavebox  


To send a new message to someone click on        

Post message



You will have to enter their name manually, so make sure you know how to spell their name before you go to your mailbox. You can place the link to your mailbox ON YOUR PAGE with this code:


<a href="" target="_blank">Forum Mailbox</a>        <a href="" target="_blank">Send Forum Letter</a>



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