The Duke Nukem Project

Hi! So, I created an okay outfit using KittenKat's Tall 4 and my own tank top texture on an MFD Muscular Top.
The Tall 4 product increases the overall size of the avatar, but

the client is not pleased.  

He needs a chest with more muscle definition and more ballooning up and possibly less of a neck.
If the chest and arm sizes can not be made larger, that's fine, as long as he has the muscle definition,
it should work when using Tall 4. 


He also needs a bottom piece with bigger areas of muscle for the thighs.  Just looking a
bit fat would probably work too.
Anyway, please take a look at these pics and let me know what you can do as far as creating a mesh.
The client is willing to pay some cash for a good mesh and I am not a mesher, so I
would have NO problem having a mesher take this project off my hands.

Thanks!    Xenina: