Guide To Party Locations 

First of all, the RULES:

* Change into the proper clothes before going off to a party
* Keep accessories to a minimum
* Leave your pets at home please
* Do not use music items or play music in a room
* Don't do anything that would suck up bandwith.
* ALWAYS obey the room's owner (or you can be banned)
* No obscene behavior or descriptive romantic chatter than makes others feel uncomfortable 

These rules are just a basic idea, for the fast-loading enjoyment of everyone. Do your part to keep everyone running at full speed so that you can all have a GREAT time.

For a faster loading chat you can:

* Look in settings in your msg bar, choose 3D Direct. It is the lowest bandwidth.
* Look in settings in your msg bar, disable sound
* Look in settings in your msg bar, choose Target Frame Rate, choose 5.0
* Go to your desktop and right-click, choose properties, now "Settings". Choose color quality of 16 bit.
(Please do these tweaks before you leave for a party place. Settings only take affect in the NEXT chat window that you enter)
When you are going to have a party simply choose a room name and then give that page link to your friends. These rooms are kind of a secret, so don't go telling everyone, just the cool people (who can keep a secret):

Current Public Rooms
Here's the public rooms currently available (links may not work if name of room is changed).
hoot123 - http://rooms.imvu.com/hoot123/Club+TOKYO%21
Holydust - http://rooms.imvu.com/holydust/HD+Castle
Anotherneko - http://rooms.imvu.com/anotherneko/The+Toybox
Jailhouse - http://rooms.imvu.com/ChickaFlicka/Sikk%27s+Jailhouse+Rock
Remote Party- http://rooms.imvu.com/ChickaFlicka/Where+I+Dump+The+Bodies
Moon Bar - http://rooms.imvu.com/ChickaFlicka/Chicka%27s+Moon+Bar+Escape
Lumina - http://rooms.imvu.com/Lumina/Lumina%27s+Dark+Castle
Pebble - http://rooms.imvu.com/pebble/Pebble%27s+Seaside+Chat
TwiztedFairytale - http://rooms.imvu.com/TwiztedFairytale/Club+Le+Gasp
ShiraStrider - http://rooms.imvu.com/ShiraStrider/Asian+Twist+Apartment
Country Club - http://rooms.imvu.com/th0masjeffers0n/TJ%27s+country+club+retreat
Serenity Escape - http://rooms.imvu.com/th0masjeffers0n/TJ%27s+serenity+escape
infiniteloop - http://rooms.imvu.com/infiniteloop/Rock+Room
Anarchy - http://rooms.imvu.com/infiniteloop/Anarchy 
Bengeance - http://rooms.imvu.com/Bengeance/Bengeance+test
Chad - http://rooms.imvu.com/Chad/Hell+room 
Giuseppe - http://imvu://room/Giuseppe/Giuseppe
XanderPJ - http://rooms.imvu.com/XanderPJ/The+Zeppelin+Lounge