The Faster Pastor  Sermons

The Importance of the Sermon

More people listen to you this one hour than the rest of the week.
"We have an ocean of influence but are only in up to our knees."
Good preaching will have the greatest impact on your ministry. 

Writing the Sermon

Here's my weekly plan. Notice, I say, plan, not system. I don't have it down to an art yet. Many weeks, I don't hit this goal. But I find that if I break up the sermon process throughout the week and start early (instead of waiting until the end of the week), my sermons are better. I've had time to let the Word work on me. I've had to ruminate and ponder and let the Word sink in.

Worship Plan

Here's a huge part of my sermon writing. I can't just pick a text the week I preach. I have it set up well in advance. 

cf. my worship plan at

I meet with other pastors in my circuit on a quarterly basis. I seek their input and their partnership as I plan what texts I will use for each season of the church year.  

Sunday (Night) - Read 
  • Pray - "May I breath out only what you [God], have breathed in."
    • Organic - God breathes life in his word. Breathes it into me.
    • I breath that life out of me into the ears, heads, and hearts of the people.
  • Read the text. In several translations. Gets me thinking about it.
Monday - Off
  • Read
  • Pray

Tuesday - Study

Wednesday - Outline
  • Pray
  • Chat with the guys. (Google+ Hangouts)
  • Every Pastor Should Wear Bifocals
    • Looking into the Word
    • Looking at the People
  • Find Law and Gospel
  • Heady, Hearty, Handy Sermons
    • Heady - What do I want God's people to know and understand?
    • Hearty - What do I want God's people to feel as a result?
    • Handy - What do I want God's people 
  • Find the Applicatoin
    • Ask 3 questions...
      "What does that mean?" (Heady)
      "Is it true?" (Hearty)
      "So what?" (Handy)
    • Glance through my church directory. How does this text apply to specific individuals? 
  • Outline (Have tried Mind Mapping, but prefer Word)
    • Introduction
      • Hook
      • Background
      • Text
    • Illustration
    • Penetration
    • Application/Appropriation
    • Sometimes repeat, but moving away from 2 part sermons.
    • Conclusion
  • Saved in Dropbox 

Thursday - Illustrations
  • Pray
  • Flesh out the Outline
  • Add Illustrations
  • Where to Find Illustrations
    • Look for them. All around.
    • Jot them down. Evernote with lots of keywords.
    • Read them. (It's not cheating!)
    • Google: WELS Sermon "Luke 2" (where "Luke 2" is your text, obiviously)
    • Obviously don't just lift a sermon, but... Milk A Lot of Cows, But Make Your Own Cheese

Friday - Editing
  • Pray
  • Good writing is the art of editing.
  • Important Points! Normal Points. Points we let drop... (Good pastors have garbage cans... and use them.)
  • Jesus said "Feed my sheep," not "Feed by giraffes." Help keep the text simple and not go over
  • Busy week, Thursday and Friday get rolled into one.
  • Usually do this step away from home. Local coffee shop with phone turned off. This is why Dropbox is so important. Work on it at home office. Work on it laptop. Seamless transition.
Saturday - Memorizing
  • Pray
  • Bishop taught me: A Great Delivery Can Make A Mediocre Sermon Good; A Poor Delivery Can Make A Good Sermon Mediocre
  • Good delivery only comes with practice.
  • Confidence only comes with practice.
  • Can't skip this step!
  • Practice it. Read through it. Dropvox. 
  • Listen to it 2 times Saturday night. Usually good. 
  • Better if I rehearse in the pulpit.
  • Goal: Lose self in message. Not about me. I want to be the moon that reflects the Son.
Sunday - Preaching
  • Pray
  • Rehearse in the pulpit.
  • Breathe. Inflection.
  • Stand up to be seen. (Confidence comes from having practiced.)
  • Speak up to be heard. (Use volume, inflection, pauses comes from more practice.)
  • Shut up to be appreciated. (Keep it simple, keep it short. Comes from a well-written outline.)
  • All of this comes from starting early. So...
  • Read next week's text Sunday night.
  • Dropvox in the pulpit. Automatically in Dropbox as an .mp3 at home.

Sharing the Sermon

If I put in all that time and effort, I want the sermon to read, watched, listened to.

Vulnerable to criticism? Sure. I can take it. I need it. Helps me to get better. What do I have to lose? Some pride? I can stand to lose more of that. What do I have to gain? More will hear the gospel!

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Your servant in Christ,
Rob Guenther, The Faster Pastor 

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