The Faster Pastor  Continuing Education

The Importance of Continuing Education

Stop reading, stop leading. 

I honestly believe that. After all, how can you encourage God's people to keep growing in their faith if you refuse to keep growing in your own. Read the Bible. That should be obvious, but it isn't. Read it not just as a professional, but as a proud sinner in need of the law to lead you to repentance and as a crushed sinner to lead you to the cross to find comfort and peace, joy and your motivation to serve again and again. 

Read other stuff too. 

The Plan

Read through Your Bible

Read Good Theology (emphasis on the Good)

Read Bad Theology

Read Good Fiction

Listen to Podcasts

Watch Videos

Record What You Do
(I use

The Tools

Email Devotions
- RSS Feeds + IFTTT
- Daily Readings (
- Copy and Paste from Logos reading plans into a Google Calendar

Kindle App (Read at Walart)
- Kindle Read to Me Feature

Podcasts (iTunes)
- WELS Daily Devotions
- WELS Through My Bible
- Productive Pastor
- Read to Lead

Webcasts (iTunes)
- Concordia Theological Seminary

- Books Read in 2014
- Movies Watched in 2014
- My Goal: Keep the first list longer than the second.

Your servant in Christ,
Rob Guenther, The Faster Pastor 

My Productivity Philosophy

- Philosophy
- Tools
- Bankruptcy 

- Writing
- Sharing

- Kindle Books
- Audible

- Postcards
- Follow-Up

- Google Drive
- Google Sites
- Meetings

- Marriage Meeting
- Marriage Tune-Up

- Kindle Direct Publishing
- Create Space
- In Their Sandals
- Cheese and Quackers

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