The Faster Pastor  Administration

Faster Meetings, Less Time in Admin

I believe this website is worth this page alone... If you could guarantee that all of your meetings were kept under 90 minutes, wouldn't you thank me? I can almost guarantee it. 

The Tools

Google Drive
What it is. How it works. 

- Google Docs
- Google Sheets
- Google Forms

Google Sites

One site to rule them all.

Friendly URL's

Keep it simple, stupid.

The Applications

Sign-Up Sheets
Google Doc with Friendly URLs

- Easter Brunch Sign-Up
- Lawn Mowing Sign-Up
- Church Cleaning Sign-Up
- Offering Counter Sign-Up
- Usher Sign-Up

Church Records
Google Sheets with Friendly URLs

- Official Church Acts
- Church Membership Database
- Church Directory
- Worship Attendance
- Bible Class Attendance

Faster Meetings (The tip you've all been waiting for...)
Google Docs with Friendly URLs

- Church Council Reports
- Church Council Minutes
- Church Council "File Cabinet"

Event Registration
Google Forms with Google Spreadheets
AutoCrat Add-In and Mail Merge

Your servant in Christ,
Rob Guenther, The Faster Pastor 

PS. Oh yeah, and I'm kind of a cheapskate too. So I really love the programs, resources, tips and tricks that cost me nothing or next to nothing.  Most of these resources are free for anyone to use.

My Productivity Philosophy

- Philosophy
- Tools
- Bankruptcy 

- Writing
- Sharing

- Kindle Books
- Audible

- Postcards
- Follow-Up

- Google Drive
- Google Sites
- Meetings

- Marriage Meeting
- Marriage Tune-Up

- Kindle Direct Publishing
- Create Space
- In Their Sandals
- Cheese and Quackers

Google Templates