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The Faster Pastor

My name is Rob Guenther. I currently serve as a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church and School in Kenai, Alaska. Before Kenai, I served as the pastor of Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Over my short 10 year ministry, I've learned some tips and tricks to help me carry out my ministry more efficiently. I still continually strive to be... The Faster Pastor.

The Story Behind the Nickname

People call me "The Faster Pastor." ...Well... okay... actually one person calls me "The Faster Pastor." ...Well... okay... I'm that person. But still. Cool nickname isn't it? Here's the story:

A few years back I got to chaperon a school field trip for Grace Lutheran School. We went to a place with an inflatable bounce house, a big, inflatable slide, and an even bigger, inflatable obstacle course. Near the end of the field trip, the whole school was divided. Someone called for a race between me, the pastor, and the principal of the school. Some were cheering for their favorite pastor (Okay, by "some" I really mean that I think that one of my own four sons was cheering for me, and not the principal, but I can't be sure. It was pretty intense.). But most were cheering for their favorite principal (or, at least, for the principal of Grace). It was a grueling event. Bouncing through the obstacle course, tackling each other, we fought to see which would emerge as victor. 

After a long (okay, maybe 2 minute) battle, I finally emerged from the final slide, about 2 seconds before the principal. From that day on, the school children have called me "The Faster Pastor" (okay, so maybe it is only because I insist that that's what they call me and refuse to answer to anything but "The Faster Pastor," but still, I did win.) 

The principal keeps calling for a rematch, but I'm officially retired from bounce house races. (Oh, and he also insists that I share the fact that this was the only one out of five races against him that I won. What a sore loser!)

The Purpose Behind the Website

But the real reason I like the nickname, "The Faster Pastor," is because I like to do things a little faster in life. I love shortcuts and life hacks. I love to listen to podcasts in double time and read books on my Kindle app on my iPhone while standing in line at Walmart. I love to find ways that I can grow more in my faith and in my skills, so that I can serve God and help others, and to do these with less time, energy, and effort than most. The more quickly I can get the mundane admin duties of the job done, the more time I can spend with my family, with my people, with my books, with bigger projects, and with creative thinking that will expand the Kingdom and share the love of Jesus with more and more. 

The purpose of this website is to share my systems, tricks, and life hacks with other pastors and teachers that they too can share the Gospel with more people. Check out the links on the right, and if you have any comments or ideas, I'd love to hear from you!

Your servant in Christ,
Rob Guenther, The Faster Pastor 

PS. Oh yeah, and I'm kind of a cheapskate too. So I really love the programs, resources, tips and tricks that cost me nothing or next to nothing.  Most of these resources are free for anyone to use.

My Productivity Philosophy

- Philosophy
- Tools
- Bankruptcy 

- Writing
- Sharing

- Kindle Books
- Audible

- Postcards
- Follow-Up

- Google Drive
- Google Sites
- Meetings

- Marriage Meeting
- Marriage Tune-Up

- Kindle Direct Publishing
- Create Space
- In Their Sandals
- Cheese and Quackers

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