I am not THAT Moshe Turner

PLEASE read this page!

It's a terrible and unfortunate thing. You see, there is a very bad man who happens to have the same name as I, and when you Google my name what you see is mostly HIM.

But I am not him.

If you Google my name, what you will see is this:

The 2 photos at the right are of me. The other photos are of the OTHER guy.

The first 3 search results are about HIM. The fourth one is about ME.

The rest of the page looks like this:

The LinkedIn page is mine. The rest of the results are HIM.

I have asked the newspapers that originally reported on that guy to print something differentiating the two of us but I did not have success. Perhaps they think I am him trying to come up with a new identity.

Here is who I am: I'm just a regular guy who happens to be a narcoleptic. I'm retired from my work as a handyman, and I started an organization called the NICER Foundation, Inc., a non profit public charity serving people with narcolepsy. I'm the executive director. You can read more about that at our web site: https://nicer.ngo. I live in Baltimore.

That other guy lives in Monsey, NY. He's a pedophile. Unfortunately (and may his punishment be greatly magnified) he is a rabbi. I am not.

Here are some photos of me:

As you can see, I am a completely different person.

Thanks for reading!