The Virtual C Project

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Current Release: 0.1.2-r2-ALPHA 




Welcome to the Virtual C Project's Homepage.

 Virtual C is a new programming language I created and designed that is based on C. It is in reality a c preprocessor but it adds significant improvements to the C language.

Among these changes are:

  • Support for interfaces
  • Support for components
  • Support for RTTI
  • Support for changing the program at run-time(kind of) 
  • Support for OOP(can be emulated using components)
  • Inherently modular( all Virtual C programs must be modular )

Why Another C OOP extension?

Well Objective-C is okay but its syntax is vague and weird. C++ is also a very good language but with one problem: you can't export classes from DLLs or DSOs. Virtual C overcomes these limitations with a C++ like syntax but with a Java-ish based design.

Besides Virtual C is not object-oriented but component-oriented and module-oriented(if that even is a paradigm). 

 Why not C#?

 C-Sharp would be a good alternative but there is currently only limited support for linux. Plus, it relies on a virtual machine which makes it slow. Virtual C is FAST because it compiles into C. And C# isn't component-oriented.

Okay I want to start using it now!

Great currently it is still in ALPHA and the run-time library has not been written. If you are interested in helping, contact me at