HP Pavillion ZV5000


The Virtual C Project

Do you own an HP Pavillion? 

Do you have these symptoms: 

  • Notebook looses AC adapter connection intermittently and the light on the power adapter turns off. 

 Well , so  did I.  I had to keep hitting my power  supply  just to get it working. Today(8/1/2006), it stopped working. I called HP about this but because my computer's warranty JUST expired, they did not provide much support.

Now on to the story. Figuring that there wasn't much I could do and that I would have to buy a new one anyway, I took apart the power supply.

And what did I find? It was arch welding itself. YES ARCH WELDING itself. An uninsulated coil in the adapter was SPARKING through a grounded heat sink.  Now this isn't THAT dangerous even though at it can effect the reliablity of HP's product. The main thing was that this open coil was sparking next to TWO HUGE CAPACITORS. And as we all now capacitors explode when sparked.

How can HP design such a bad product? If this is happening with your adapter or you have an adapter for a zv5000, I STRONGLY recommend getting a replacement. They are hard to find but I know RadioShack carries a universal adapter called iGo that supports this notebook.

Now you might ask what proof I have.  See for yourself:

The first one is the burn mark where the sparks arch welded. The second is the point on the coil where it sparked(See the burn marks?).

Thankfully, the spark never reached the capacitor or I would not be sitting here writing this story. ; )

If this problem affects you please call HP.