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Build your "cultural competency."  Check out these resources to learn more about Cultural Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity.

Photo by Thomas McConville, Long Beach Business Journal 2008 

Tolerance and Beyond

Building Cultural Understanding and Sensitivity

Historical Perspectives

The Japanese-American journey in USA:
    • The Japanese-American National Museum 
      This museum is located in Little Tokyo. Click on "Education" for information about the National Diversity Education Program. 
    • Tule Lake - A World War II internment camp 
      Tule Lake was one of nine camps that were built. Every two years there is a pilgrimage for past internees, their families, and anyone with interest in the history to attend. Currently, community members are working to get Tule Lake recognized by the National Park Service. This will allow Federal money to develop and sustain the site. Check out the form letters on the home page to send to Congressional representatives if you are interested in supporting this cause.

Community Resources
Cultural, Ethnic, Human Relations and Civil Rights Organizations

National Organizations
Organizations in California 
Long Beach Organizations