forest of fellatio

can i not tread on these unholy branches any longer? the ground is worn, my feet are stuck in god knows what. i could contemplate existentialist bullshit if the trees weren't fucking staring me down. this can't seriously be a motherfucking lake. this makes no goddamn sense i'm going home, (but not at least) til i get some head of illusion.

snap kracko pop

a cyclopean menace, sharp to the touch. a demon within heaven's reach. let it rain, let it fucking rain. once wasn't enough, you're all alone on this one. you stole my sunshine, now i'm left with what? you're the rainbow after the storm, i'm the wash in the gutter.

do a br00tal roll

we, the cocky little freaks, unite! good luck, good luck against uncle andross, we fly tonight! we fly tonight albeit this is horrible. keep your thumbs on b and r and we might survive. i'm no landmaster, take to the skies! you're becoming more like your father, too bad he's a douchebag too. can't win em all, mccloud.

metapod probably kicked your ass when you were a kid

even from the beginning i knew you were useless. your status ailments never fazed me. can't you do anything without collapsing? the logic of your type eludes me. how do you even live with yourself? what's it like having no coup de grace? your best attempts are just a shade of what's normal. your showmanship is but a vacant facade. can't read minds, sweetie, that's probably what you don't get. it doesn't take a fucking psychic to know that. even then, there were others. you couldn't ever cut enough.

the iceclops cometh

did somebody say my name? if you had nips of ice, you'd understand my resent. permafrost titties are no way for a man to live. oh my fucking goodness, i'm 28 and not taking this bullshit.

the reason we vomit is to show how dedicated we are to weight loss

hey miss scene slut, miss fucking trendy. little miss xveganx. little miss size double-o. little miss scene. i don't know which would be more precious, the look on your face as i gut your [AP/VIP] body or if i ate mickey d's in your vicinity. mouth like a magazine, vag like a subway. fuck you. see you in the emergency room, you cunt.

fuck your sanctuary, i'm heading for a bomb shelter

they said i was the only one who could save you, who could pray for resolution, grace. you cannot see the true form of this attack. i gave up my home, my world, my body for you. i'm just a fucking robot. murmur your contentment, i can taste the apathy on your lips. murmur your discontent. must you be everyone's savior? i killed this ghost a long time ago. three boys and a girl. one small world.

hp/mp restored... but still no taco bell in sight

burn, bobonga! that's a big fucking fire! the reign of terror is over, but how the fuck we gonna make it out alive? we can cling to the nails of a dystopian hand. food is overrated, i'll show YOU my seed of life. 1999 A.D. broken and withered, we the people are doomed to subservience to this prick-ass meteor. our emotions will be replaced by the blind obedience of AI. we will embrace our impending death as we lay on the ground, completely hopelessly. we will always be hungry.


i got dance lessons from hitler

as the roots bleed their insides out, i've gone and fallen into your mind. so just carry me away. i told you once, i don't want this again. i don't care for your distaste. i don't care that you can dance better than me, so just carry me away.

something tells me club soda won't get this mess out

ay, pobrecita. what a poor little girl. pull the strings, she'd pirouette. what an idealistic, faithful little girl, sad-eyed puppy, and you left her in a cardboard box on the side of the road. when you grew taller, she platformed. when you were cold, she was there. when you fucked, she faked harder. two pink lines later, almost like she was never there at all.

rainbow road

never before has beauty been so deceiving except in your eyes. keep on son, don't look back. maybe it was electric but it could've just been a rainbow-flavored reverie, walking in a day-glo™ dreamland together. your love is like a drug and how i wish that it could've just been us down our dreamland path together. i'm on the fucking edge. neon glows, as streetlights fade. floating on cloud nine, just to fall.

(the lyrics to vomit are essentially the same, not that you could ever in a million fucking years be able to understand them anyway. the only difference is the line god forbid you're not number one on my top 32.)


(i can't understand most of the lyrics to these, nor do i have the original lyrics. this is what i can remember/interpret)

hyr00l rough

awake child, your doom awaits. like tripping down a stairwell you stumbled aimlessly into the arms of fate, wide open. unarmed, unaware. so goddamn naive. not one of the crowd, to be sure. you are the unintentional judas goat of our time. you need not our help, nor heed our advice. a hero of time you may be, but you'll never be one of us.

hairy monster

she must have looked so beautiful spattered facedown in the tokyo street, or better yet, trembling, in her hands a .45 millimeter invitation to hell. and as you walked in with clear intentions, little did you know you'd be the only one. and as you were amazed with your hand over her virgin breast. so did you, baby.

prada armada

hey what's up, it's the cunt queen. pete vogue and trade semicolon. and i'm pure la royalty. glitter glamour. jamba juice gift card. fruit loops white stud belt. carribean passion, love my fashion. fountain 'dos. hot topic gift card, should i get a youth large? mac eyeliner. monroe for the BOIZ. sideburn extensions. bleach streak all the boys want me. bubblegum lipstick and rainbow dicks. roar, i'm a dinosaur. cum glitter? hollywood, envious green, i'm in the prada armada. strobe lights, stunna shades, cumming pomade. flat-iron cotton candy icecream straight boys ectasy should i go? rainbow dicks blah blah adlib bullshit. eh, oooooohh. that's all there is...? ohhh.