Welcome!  You have stumbled onto my personal site for fiction.  I have a few completed stories on here, and I have a dozen or two in various stages of development waiting to go from my head to the screen.  I hate editing my own work, so please forgive the handful of errors that you find on here.  Feel free to let me know of any that you come across; I never argue for help editing.

Are you a good artist?  I'm looking to add illustrations to what I've written, but when it comes to visual art, my skills leave much to be desired.  If this is something that interests you, let me know.

I've just posted a few stories in the "Thriller" section, and I've started up a new section, "Wildwood."  Wildwood is a fantasy serial, something similar to Howard's original Conan stories.  I've gotten four up, and I plan on writing one a week.  So far, so good.

Take your time and enjoy!  :)