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A brief personal history

Early in the Spring of 2005, after years of living in South Korea, two expatriates, one an established but undiscovered musician & the other a talented but unpublished painter were assisting each other in the production of their respective arts.  After several discussions regarding the logistics of things like foreign venues, booking, travel, contract fraud, self-promotion, mass-production of produced media, & general management; a broad consensus was reached.  The general consensus was that there exists a wide gap between a Creative Person & their prospective audience.  With a shared interest in web mastering, the two formed a hypothetical concept.

There are numerous organizations that administrate funding for the arts, & there are several retail merchants that specialize in the distribution of media from independent artists.  After some on-line research, a very few such organization that supported independent & undiscovered artists at a ‘grass roots’ level, & 'were easily accessable' & 'simple to use' could be identified by the two.  This is probably due to profitability concerns of any such organization or social networking website.  Further, all the sites that were found only offered support at the geographically sporatic chance local venue level.

Over the next 8 months, the two artists struggled in the state of existence that all artists know all too well.  The complications of being a western artist in the Pacific Orient are too lengthy & terse to discuss here.  And even the other side of the coin was considered (an eastern artist in western society).  Slowly, the answer began to appear.

On Feb. 15th, 2006 the two artists met for their usual ‘drowning of sorrows’, but this time the ‘slings & arrows’ of the life of being an artist would not be the subject of conversation.  Rather, the two made an agreement to take the first step.  A domain with no more than 5 keystrokes would be obtained.  A few days later, the painter called the musician to communicate that 8 such URL’s were available.  One, IAMAA was chosen.

So, please forgive us as we pool resources & talent in the endeavor to produce the actual website.  And remember: 

Support Your Local Artists.


Our 'Articles of Organization'

Article 1 - ‘IAMAA’ will become a democratically based body of creative people whom as a result of voluntary choice to associate with the organization & become members, thereof.


Article 2 - ‘IAMAA’ will offer membership to the organization and will be open to all peoples whom can show and/or prove that they are either a primary musical performer, or a primary visual artist, or both, without prejudice towards race, color, creed, religion, sexual preference, ethnic background or mixture, or country of origin.


Article 3 - ‘IAMAA’ will hear the concerns and issues of its membership, and represent the membership, as an entity, in order to address and lobby local government and/or community leaders as a recognized industry organization, in an orderly, professional, and lawful manner.


Article 4 - ‘IAMAA’ will have the authority to charge a nominal membership fee for inclusion into the organization. The membership fee is to be used exclusively to cover the operating costs of the organization. Upon receipt of payment, members will be supplied with ‘instruments of identification’ that will indicate their association with IAMAA.


Article 5 - ‘IAMAA’ members will be required to conduct their professional & personal affairs, as well as their capacity in representing IAMAA to the general public, in the highest form of honor, regard and responsibility. IAMAA members will agree to conduct their lives and business in general without employing questionable methods and/or tactics. IAMAA will reserve the right to expel any member that, after review of the ‘Governing Body’, is found to be operating and/or acting in an unprofessional manner.

Article 6 - ‘IAMAA’ will be operated as a ‘proof of concept’ to prove its validity to the present ‘Governing Body’, as indicated above. At such time as deemed necessary, the IAMAA Governing Body will draft & adopt a more in depth treatment of an ‘Organization Charter’ and a ‘Disclosure of Members’ Rights & Duties’.

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