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  What's  ??IAMAA

If your are an Artist or Musician, we just might have something for you. This 'blog page' or 'site' will serve as the PRE-SITE exposure. The creation group has been busy since Mar. 06


We have already integrated a community based networking site with things like video, forums, maps, profiles, & personal AD's. 

But, we're not done yet.

Things like a 'billboard' where size is relative to activity or proximity to the member.

Something like 'showcase' where art & music would combine from two sources that would be uniquely mixed to form a new type of medium.

A site that emulates an international bulletin board that easily centers and zooms to the local level, for members to utilize both home and abroad.

User Selectable Levels of involvement with both the site and the organization.

Of course, we'll be using other names for features listed above.


We're working on some 'Proof of Concept' tests for other unusual proposals at the moment.

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IAMAA opens Google Group for General Membership

Google Groups

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We want to create a new perspective, a different way of seeing the Creative Community, in the world today.


Please submit enough information for us to make a decision. You must be an actively participating member of the arts. If you have a website that displays your art or music exclusively, please include your URL for consideration. All information will be kept confidential. Use of Gmail is recommended. All postings require English & are subject to approval.

See out FAQ & Forums for more details. The main site should be up in a few months. Membership is Open Now. PLEASE Read All Instructions. Please include 'MEMBERSHIP QUERY' in the subject line of your e-mail.

You MUST be an active Atrist &/or Musician. You must be 18 or older. Offer Void where Prohibited By Law.

After we receive your submissions, we will review the material & information. To Begin the Process, just fill in the SUBSCRIPTION BOX at the bottom of the page.             ~Thank You~


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Our Main Forum at Google Groups

Forum at Frappr for mapping & photo