Front Page News
Sept. 08 / 2012
Just came across this from the NY Times in response to the declining number of TV viewers: "Though there seems to be no one reason for the decline, many executives say they are concerned that long-term changes in watching habits are taking a significant toll on viewership."   Well I think that just shows how little NYT is paying attention to viewer responses.  The general degradation of TV shows (e.g. the difference in the last half of Season 2 of the Walking Dead), or Fox trying to copy & paste Lost (Fast Forward and Alcatraz).  Lost ended badly, yet they think the public are dumb enough to jump back into a 'Hey, trust us guy.  Would we lie to you again?'
(best South Park - Saddam Hussein voice) situation.  Not when we have games.

On that note - I have to get back to work on EtZ.  I want to have a good start on it before Borderlands 2 ships in 10 days.

Aug. 30 / 2012
I came across a 3D vehicle I had built, but had completely forgotten about.  Luckily I had it backed up before my hard drive died, so the pics are up on the Portfolio Page.  Unfortunately it is was not totally UVUnwrapped, so it is just using procedural maps and an HDRI for some basic reflections.  I am working on my new story for Escaping the Zed, so I cannot afford any more time on this model right now to finish the unwrap and texture it properly.

Aug. 28 / 2012
Just updated to latest Catalyst drivers, and once again they are bad (or were for me).  Had to roll-back from 12-8_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc to 12-6_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc and everything works again.  So if you have HDMI and an ATI 6900 class card beware of the 12-8 drivers.

Aug. 27 / 2012
Well the donations went sideways with a number of people all thinking the game was done.  So they donated and asked for a copy.  Language barriers suck.  So I am going back to my original plan to do it on/with/to Kickstarter.  I have updated the whole business side of the campaign, as I went with a minimalistic goal approach to make sure that the game gets made.  Perversely, I am thinking about modifying the design of the game.  It has been months without so much as a tweak to the gameplay, and suddenly I get a bolt of inspiration to change the whole setting.  So while I am working on the Tech Demo, I am also working on this tangent to the game.  It changes the whole setting, though most of the dynamics and gameplay will remain the same.  It will just add a different atmosphere to the game.  No details until I have thought it through at least twice.

Addendum - There are some problems with my US contact, so I am continuing with the Tech Demo in the meantime.  I have also decided to convert this website back to a Portfolio for some of my work just in case I cannot get the US bank account that KS requires.