Saturday May 21, 2013 10am-2pm Books, books, books

Casa Italia's 8th Annual Authors Event  
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 Here's the lineup for IA Literati this Saturday May 18 at Casa Italia--
Florentine Room, rolls  book sales

10:am Welcome
10:01  Amirante
10:15  Di Giacomo Gron
10:30  Amato
10:45  Lombardo
11:00  Nardini
11:15  Grippo
11:30  Cortis
11:45  Cola
12       Lunch break Pizza book sales
12:45: Edwards
1 pm   Maria Ianotta
1:15    Anne Calcagno
1:30    Allesio
1:45    Candeloro

The key to success of IA Literati is networking---We writers, especially the ones who are on the program this 
year, can make the May 18 a big success if they each acted as if it were their own private event.  Spread the
 word with email, fb, twitter, word of mouth.                   
A Celebration of Italian American Authors from the Chicago Area 
 Book Sales, Signings, Raffles, Give Aways!  Library orientation! WE SUPPORT ITALIAN AMERICAN WRITERS---you should too! Network Network Network.... Bring your checkbook and credit card---100s of titles from our presenters and from the 708 345 5933 to reserve your place. 
 Dominic Candeloro 
 Curator of the Casa Italia Library and the lead editor of the Anthology, Reconstructing Italians in Chicago: Thirty Authors in Search of Roots and Branches  and the upcoming Madonna Mia! Qui Debbo Vivere
Ted Grippo is a retired Chicago lawyer with over fifty years experience in law enforcement and private practice. He has been active in promoting Italian American cultural and civic activities for many years.

Dr. Bruno Cortis, Cardiologist, is the author of several books on holistic health and stress-reduction

 Carolyn Alessio 
Carolyn Alessio is the recipient of a creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and a Pushcart Prize in fiction. She is the editor of a  bilingual collection of Guatemalan children's poetry, "Las Voces de la Esperanza/The Voices of Faith."

Theresa Amato
Public advocate, 
author, Fra Noi columnist, Impresa Award recipient, and two-time national presidential campaign manager, Theresa Amato is the author of Grand Illusion, the Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny (New Press, NY).  Amato, a graduate of Harvard University and NYU Law, has been a Fellow at both Harvard’s Law School and Institute of Politics, and is the exec director/founder of Citizen Works & Citizen Advocacy Center.

ANNE CALCAGNO Calcagno’s first novel, Love Like a Dog, set in Chicago, won a 1st place award from the "New Generation Indie Awards," the Bronze from the 15th Annual Independent Book Publisher Awards, and an Honorable Mention from the San Francisco Book Festival.

Arthur Cola, author of legendary tales such as The Stone Cutter Genius (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) and The Shamrock Crown (Legend of Excalibur) appears in many of 

Laura L. Gron (Di Giacomo) was born in Chicago. She is a first generation Italian-American. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago and resided in “Back of the Yards” for 22 years. Laura has 2 sons. Laura was a teacher, social worker, and training specialist.

Sam Amirante

Sam L. Amirante is a retired judge and lawyer. His first case after leaving the Office of the Public Defender was The People of the State of Illinois v. John Wayne Gacy. In 1988, he was appointed to the bench as an Associate Judge of The Circuit Court of Cook County where he served until his retirement in 2005.
Mary Lou Scalise Edwards was born into an Italian-American culture with all its richness and idiosyncrasies. She grew up in Bridgeport, a Chicago neighborhood steeped in the traditions of politics and prejudice, home to mayors, mobsters and moguls.

Maria Iannotta has a passion for writing and inspiring.  "Don't risk losing the wisdom of our ancestors' forever!" Maria says.  "My mamma had the wisdom to talk, teach, and inspire and I intend to pass it along!"  Thus, the development of the inspirational book, "My Mamma Told Me ... Now, I'm Telling You!
Gloria Nardini--Author of Che Bella Figura and co-editor of the forthcoming Madonna Mia! Qui Debbo Vivere?
 Robert "Mickey" Lombardo
is a Professor in Criminal Justice and Sociology at Loyola University Chicago. His new book on organized crime in Chicago is a dispassionate look at the rise and fall of "The Outfit."