Beginning 1 February 2021, Legion Home
will again be available for rent.  All current
health guidelines will be followed.  If you 
have any questions, ask one of the contacts
listed below.

Rent Legion Home

Home Rental Contacts:

Al McDonnell       (563) 381-3893
Gary Berndt         (563) 381-2777
Legion Home       (563) 381-4380 (leave a message)
To rent Legion Home:
     Click here for the agreement used when alcohol (beer and wine ONLY!) will be on hand.

     Click here for the agreement used when NO alcohol will be on hand.

Members                                                        $75 per day

Non-members                                               $125 per day

Rental for members AND non-members
where alcohol is on hand:                              $300 per day

Cleaning deposit                                            $100
(Refundable provided the Home is left in the same shape as it was received in)

**There is no charge for the use of Legion Home for a funeral luncheon.**
    Click here for the form to request using Legion Home for a funeral luncheon.