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River Valley Conference

Current Members
Anamosa, 2018-19 thru PRESENT
Bellevue, 2013-14 thru PRESENT
Camanche, 2013-14 thru PRESENT
Cascade, 2013-14 thru PRESENT
Monticello, 2013-14 thru PRESENT
North Cedar, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
Northeast, 2013-14 thru PRESENT

Durant, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
Mid-Prairie, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
Regina, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
Tipton, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
West Branch, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
West Liberty, 2008-09 thru PRESENT
Wilton, 2008-09 thru PRESENT

Boy's Basketball
Girl's Basketball
Boy's Cross Country
Girl's Cross Country
Boy's Golf
Girl's Golf
Boy's Track & Field
Girls' Track & Field
Girl's Volleyball

Membership Changes
2018-19: Anamosa joins from the WaMaC Conference. Membership increases to 14.
2013-14: BellevueCamanche, and Northeast join from the disbanding Big East ConferenceCascade and Monticello join from the Tri-Rivers Conference. Membership increases to 13. Conference renamed River Valley Conference.
2008-09: DurantMid-PrairieReginaTiptonWest BranchWest Liberty, and Wilton of the disbanding Eastern Iowa Hawkeye Conference; and North Cedar of the Big East Conference form the Cedar Valley Conference. Original membership is 8.